5 ways to make your diffuser last longer

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Diffusers are such a lovely way to scent your home. They smell just as great as your favourite candles, but they work so much harder because they fill your home with scent all day every day. Until they stop giving off scent of course, and then they just catch dust.

Here at JoJo Co. we know a thing or two about how to get the best from your diffuser, so read on and get all the tips.

Why diffusers run out so quickly

Diffusers might be a popular choice for scenting your home (seriously, they are our most popular products), but they can be a bit of a let down can’t they?
They always smell so good when you first try them in the shop. You’re wowed by how strong they smell. And they smell so incredible – there’s always such a great choice of scents and tones.
And so you’re optimistic when you first get them home. You put them on a nice table in your hallway, or somewhere else around the house that needs a boost of scent and for the first week or so they are so fragrant. Whenever you open your door you think ‘oh wow, I love that smell so much’.

And then a week or so later, you stop thinking that. In fact, you’ve almost forgotten you bought a diffuser because the smell has completely vanished. Instead of that big pop of fragrance that really set the tone for your home – you’ve got nothing. And the diffuser sits where it was getting dustier and dustier.

Can you get longlasting diffusers?

It’s a good question – especially if you’re someone who keeps buying diffusers to try out. Most big shops have a range of diffusers in so many different scents. You can easily snap a couple of different ones each week. And they’re not cheap! So is there really such a thing as a long lasting diffuser?

“They last far too long – you should make them weaker so you make more money”

5 ways to make your diffuser last longer

Hand on heart, this is what one of my lovely customers said to us recently at a market. Our luxury diffusers are incredibly long lasting. We’ve tested them in so many ways, in so many homes, in so many rooms so we are pretty confident when we say our diffusers last at least 3 months.
Whether you’re interested in making your JoJo Co. luxury diffuser last longer, or another brand, you’ll get more use out of it if you follow these tips.

Tip 1: Use all the diffuser reeds at once

Our diffuser reeds are of extremely high quality. If you’re into tech and you’re a bit of a geek, drop me an email and I’ll tell you all about them. JoJo Co. diffuser reeds are the best on the market and are super absorbent – meaning your diffuser will start to give off scent almost immediately.

I can’t vouch for other reeds, but either way. When you first open your diffuser, use all reeds at the same time. I know it’s tempting to use a few so you can get longer out of the diffuser, but it doesn’t work like that.
Use all reeds that come with your diffuser ensures the best strength of scent being absorbed through the reeds and flowing into your room. It’s the volume of scent being sent through your room that makes you stop in your tracks and think ‘wow that’s an amazing smell’. Less reeds = less scent.

Tip 2: Keep your diffuser out of the sun

It’s tempting to keep your diffusers in a place that everyone will see it. Especially if it’s in beautiful packaging or a lovely bottle like Jojo Co. diffusers are. But that often means they’re exposed to sunlight and that makes the oil evaporate faster.
Some people keep diffusers on their window sill, thinking the breeze from the window will help circulate the lovely fragrance, but that’s not the case. It’s the reeds that do that, not the breeze. And window sills = sunlight and sunlight = dried up diffusers.

Tip 3: Flip your diffuser reeds for a big burst of scent

If you’ve had your diffuser for a while and you want to make a big impact for visitors coming round, flip your reeds over. Depending on the age of your diffuser you should notice a boost in scent fairly quickly. Do this with a JoJo Co. luxury diffuser and you’ll notice that renewed burst of scent straight away. Because our diffuser reeds are made from superior thick fibre, you don’t really need to flip them.

“I love it when people come to the house, have a big sniff and say ‘what is that amazing smell?’ I almost don’t want to tell them it’s JoJo Co. because I love having this scent all to myself”.

Tip 4: Move your diffuser around the house

Sometimes moving the scent to another part of your home is enough to boost the receptors in your nose. Move a diffuser from the downstairs loo to the upstairs bathroom and you’ll be reminded once again of the scent you love so much.

It’s a great way to give your senses a surprise so you can get over that feeling of ‘nose blindness’, which is the term for getting so used to a smell you don’t really smell it anymore.

Tip 5: For maximum impact use several diffusers around the home

Some people love to match their diffusers to different rooms. At JoJo Co. we have customers who match Rocks and Roses and Coast to their bathrooms because of connection to water. Others like to pair the fruit blends with the kitchen to cut through the smells of cooking in a natural way.

However, there’s something to be said for choosing a scent you love and going all in on the fragrance. Place several diffusers of the same scent around your home for an all-over scent. Apart from making your whole home smell amazing, the scent will be consistent even if one diffuser is starting to lose its fragrance or strength.

Try a JoJo Co. luxury diffuser

We make our diffusers strong and longlasting so you can have the best experience when you’re adding scent to your home. Yes, absolutely, we could tone down our scent so we can make more money on each diffuser, but we’re proud that we choose not to.

We put your experience first, and having spent so many years being disappointed by quickly disappearing diffusers, we knew we wanted to be different.

If you’re interested in giving one of our long lasting, luxury diffusers a try, now is a great time to browse our range. We have released diffusers in every single signature scent now, and have just launched the diffuser in our Whisky Old Fashioned and Fresh Coffee scents.

Now your biggest problem isn’t disappearing diffuser fragrance It’s trying to decide which of our luxury diffusers to try first!

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