Born from a love of creativity and nature

I’m originally from Dumfries and studied Fashion Design in Galashiels. I was fascinated by textures and the way we can use natural materials to create something new. For me, natural colours and clean lines create a sense of calm, and I explored this a lot in my studies. 

I strayed from the creative path to follow a career in finance. Don’t ask!

It took being made redundant to realise I wanted to get back to creativity, to find ways to bring nature into my life and to feel a deeper connection with my passions. 

I tried a few ideas, but nothing seemed to take. And then one day, I was given a candle-making gift set by my husband, I made my first candle, and I was hooked.

The JoJo Co. Story

It all started with a Pink Spice soy wax candle

I instantly fell in love with the process of candle making, and I enjoyed creating something out of nothing. But I wasn’t satisfied with the scents that came with the kits. I didn’t want to burn the candles in my home because they didn’t speak to me and my style. 

That’s when I set to work creating my own fragrance. Not to start a business but to make a candle with a fragrance I’d love to smell in my own home. 

That first scent was Pink Spice, and it’s where the JoJo Co. story begins. 

The JoJo Co. Story

Come home to JoJo Co.

Whenever I create a new scent, it starts with one question: 

‘Would I want this fragrance in my home?’

If the answer is yes, then it goes on to become a JoJo Co. product. I curate scents that I want to smell, that people I love want to smell. Every one of my fragrances is inspired by nature, a feeling or a moment.

I blend scents that make me look forward to coming home. And it gives me so much pride to know that you choose JoJo Co. for your own home, too.

The JoJo Co. Story

Where we are now

I am so lucky to be where I am now, but I truly believe it’s more about hard work than luck.

I’ve grown my product range to include diffusers, wax melts, tealights and accessories. I have a small team of excellent humans who help me. I’m invited to take part in incredible markets, and I have a merry band of stockists who help me reach more and more people every day.

I never take any of this for granted - every order, every customer, every follower on social.

I feel incredibly grateful, and please believe me when I say that I am so honoured you choose JoJo Co. products for your home and as gifts for your loved ones.

The JoJo Co. Story

Our mission and commitment

Now that I find myself with a strong team, a growing business and a platform with thousands of followers and email subscribers, I am in a position to make a positive impact on the world around me.

How does that look in reality? For JoJo Co. it means looking at ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. We're working hard to become completely plastic-free, our bottles are made with recycled glass, and our packaging is fully recyclable.

For me, as a citizen of the world and a responsible human being, it means looking for ways to make other people's lives better. I use my platform and products to help raise money every year for our chosen charities: Cash For Kids and Maggie's Centres. We take part in local charity and fundraising events and donate prizes and gifts wherever possible.

When my children were younger, I was always struck by a quote painted on my children's primary school wall: Wherever Possible, Be Kind. It is Always Possible.

Kindness is one of our core business values and I'm proud of the way JoJo Co. moves forward with kindness as a driving factor.