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Sundown Candles Sundown Candles
Sundown Candles
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A group of JoJo Co Rhubarb Vanilla Candles in a variety of sizes A lit JoJo Co 65 hour Rhubarb and Vanilla candle in a glass jar with a vase and foliage
Rhubarb & Vanilla Candles
Sale priceFrom £5.00
Group of different sized JoJo Co Coast Candles lit jars JoJo Co. 65 hour candle with white label and flickering flame. The candle sits on top of sand with a dried leaf in the background.
Coast Candles
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A table with Fresh Coffee diffusers, candles and tealights displayed. Candles are lit, a jar spills coffee beans across the scene and a warm cup of coffee sits on the edge of the scene. A small scene of amber jars. One contains long matchsticks with red heads. Another contains three-wick candle and flickering flames. The third contains a large, peach coloured flower.
Fresh Coffee Candles
Sale priceFrom £10.00
A selection of four JoJo Co Grapefruit & Mangosteen candles sit on a wooden chopping board with peach marbled background. A slice of juicy grapefruit sits beside them. A mini glass jar JoJo Co. Grapefruit & Mangosteen candle sits on a wooden chopping board with leaves and grapefruit surrounding it.
Grapefruit & Mangosteen Candles
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A group of lit JoJo Co Pink Spice candles in jars Lit Pink Spice candle on an oak candle base
Pink Spice Candles
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Glass candle jars of various sizes with the label "JoJoCo" on a wooden surface, with flowers and leaves around them creating a moody atmosphere. A close-up of a 65-hour glass candle jar with the label "JoJoCo rocks & roses" on a wooden surface, with green leaves and red rose petals surrounding it, creating an intimate ambiance.
Rocks & Roses Candles
Sale priceFrom £5.00
Group of JoJo Co Sandalwood and Peppercorn candles in glass jars in a variety of sizes on a wooden textured backdrop A lit 65 hour Sandalwood and Peppercorn candle in a glass jar with peppercorns scattered in the foreground
Sandalwood & Peppercorn Candles
Sale priceFrom £5.00
Spring Air Candles Spring Air Candles
Spring Air Candles
Sale priceFrom £5.00
A selection of JoJo Co. Violet & Lime candles sits on a wooden floor with white tiles in the background. Slices of lime and dried flowers surround the glass jar candles. A large white labelled JoJo Co. Violet & Lime candle sits on a beige surface with white tiled background. A wooden board, dried leaves and slices of lime surround it.
Violet & Lime Candles
Sale priceFrom £5.00
A JoJo Co. Whisky Old Fashioned candle in a glass jar with gold lid and white label sits on a bar. In the background is a large palm, bottles of spirits and a cocktail shaker. Beside the candle is some orange peel and a whisky cocktail. A mini JoJo Co. Whisky Old Fashioned glass jar candle sits beside white flowers.
Whisky Old Fashioned Candles
Sale priceFrom £6.00

Long-lasting Soy Wax Candles from JoJo Co.

Light the candles, you’re home

There’s nothing better than the warm glow of a candle through a clear glass jar. 

Our candles are a beautiful way to scent your home and create a warm ambience wherever you are. Available in a range of sizes, each candle has a burn time between eight hours (our mini candles) to 100+ hours.

JoJo Co. candles are hand-made in small batches in our studio in Fife. We use only the finest luxury soy wax for our candles.

A group of JoJo Co Rhubarb Vanilla Candles in a variety of sizes

Candles to Make Every Day a Special Occasion

We don’t believe in keeping candles for ‘good’. Our candles are designed to make every moment special, and that means Monday night moments, bad day at work moments, finally-get-the-kids-to-bed moments.

Our philosophy is to treat yourself to the special moments every day - if you don’t, who will?

Strike the match, light the candle and enjoy the warm JoJo Co. glow from our beautiful candles. The special occasion is right now.

What Makes JoJo Co. Candles So Special?

Our candle scents are unique to JoJo Co. We don’t use ready-prepared oil blends, and we don’t try to copy popular candle scents already on the market. In fact, we do the opposite. We curate our own fragrances, so we can stand apart from the crowd. 

From gentle floral notes, through to zesty fruits. Seasonal fragrances to subtle blends and soothing spices. You’ll find the perfect fragrance to fill your home. 

A neat cardboard gift box containing four mini candles with gold lids. Below the box is another with a black bow, and two mini candles n the top next to a small pot of flowers.

Committed to Quality and Care

Our commitment to quality means our candles look and smell incredible as they burn. We use the best quality luxury soy wax, which means our candles are vegan-friendly and don’t give off toxins as they burn.  

Because of our commitment to using premium ingredients, JoJo Co. candles burn beyond the standard burn time of other brands and if you follow our tips for candle care you’ll get even longer from each candle.