Fresh Coffee

Fresh Coffee

Indulge in the gorgeous aroma of Fresh Coffee at any time of day

Enjoy the deep, soothing aroma of dark roast espresso, a whisper of chocolate and a swirl of cream. Instant decadence from JoJo Co.

Coffee Infused Room Fragrance

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly brewed coffee to give you a warm glow. Our Fresh Coffee fragrance is a gorgeous interpretation of the real thing and instantly revives and uplifts you at any time of day.

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A table with Fresh Coffee diffusers, candles and tealights displayed. Candles are lit, a jar spills coffee beans across the scene and a warm cup of coffee sits on the edge of the scene. A small scene of amber jars. One contains long matchsticks with red heads. Another contains three-wick candle and flickering flames. The third contains a large, peach coloured flower.
Fresh Coffee Candles
Sale priceFrom £10.00
A small cardboard gift box with JoJo Co. branding sits on a table surrounded by white flowers and unlit white tealight candles.
Fresh Coffee Tealights
Sale price£12.00
An amber glass jar diffuser with a white JoJo Co. label and gold lid and black reeds sits beside a pretty gift box with tissue paper and a dark jar spilling coffee beans. The label reads JoJo Co. Fresh Coffee A close up of An amber glass jar diffuser with a white JoJo Co. label and gold lid. The label reads JoJo Co. Fresh Coffee
Fresh Coffee Diffuser
Sale price£30.00
Amber glass jars with gold lids and white JoJo Co. labels are nestled on top of shredded packing paper in a cardboard box. A black tie is draped over it, with a gift box in the background. A flat lay image of a neat cardboard box with black JoJo Co. ribbon tied in a bow. Fairy lights and  gift tags are in the background.
Fresh Coffee Gift Set
Sale price£53.00